At Wollongong Conveyancing Services we believe selling your home should be a stress free process. Our professional service helps to make selling as smooth as possible for you. We give you ample notice about crucial dates and things you need to do or organise. We can assist you through the minefield of legal issues and protect you at every stage.

The team at Wollongong Conveyancing Services will comply with all of your legal requirements and advise you at every stage of your sale – even out of normal business hours. 

What we can do for you:

  • Comply with the requirements of the law for selling property.
  • Tell you about the legal effect of your contract, particularly the need to disclose relevant matters that affect the property.
  • Identify any areas where failure to comply with the law or failure to disclose certain matters may enable the purchaser to cancel the contract. This may have serious consequences if you are relying on the sale to purchase another property.
  • Negotiate any changes to the contract and advise you about the legal consequences of those changes.
  • Advise on your exposure to claims for compensation by the purchaser. This process is not as simple and without risk as is commonly considered.